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Full Color

Mixed Fermentation Farmhouse Ale

Hardywood Full Color allowed brewer Justin Anderson to explore his passion for mixed fermentation through the use of a unique blend of yeast and bacteria. This brewer and artist collaboration is a delicate yet complex beer that is bright, dry, acidic, and highly aromatic. While young, Full Color is bursting with peach & tropical fruit flavors. Over time “barnyard” flavors more classically associated with the style will begin to develop. 5.6% abv

Aijung Kim is an artist, printmaker, & aspiring children’s book illustrator. To create this beer label, she used the printmaking process of linocut- carving the design into a linoleum plate and rolling it with ink to produce the final image. Aijung sells & exhibits her work at craft shows and galleries in Richmond & beyond. She also teaches printmaking and book arts classes locally at art centers

Flavor Profile