Hardywood News

An Interview with Joshua M. Bernstein

Sep 21, 2016

A quick Q&A with Joshua M. Bernstein, an acclaimed beer, spirits, food and travel journalist, and the author of Complete IPA, The Complete Beer Course and Brewed Awakening,

The Shape of Sound - Interview with Dave Witte

Aug 25, 2016

Dave Witte discussed the upcoming Shape of Sound drum circle event at Hardywood with Carlos Ramirez of No Echo. The group of over 33 drummers will play an original piece written by Dave Witte & John Skaritza with the three piece band, Bermuda Triangles, at the center. This fully original, deconstructed concert is a once in a … Continued

The Community Hopping Project: RVA IPA

Aug 16, 2016

Hardywood RVA IPA has been an annual project for us since our first year of production. It’s grown to be an important part of our identity and one of our favorite ways to engage with our hometown hop heads. The story of how this project came to be actually begins before our almost 5 years as a production brewery; It began as a home brewing experiment.