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Bourbon Cru Release 03.12.22

Hardywood Bourbon Cru is brewed in fashion of Belgium’s revered monastic breweries. Bourbon Cru displays a rich mahogany hue with a medium body and brilliant clarity after months of barrel aging. The maturity and melding of flavors brought on by the freshly drained bourbon barrels lend an extraordinary sense of harmony to Bourbon Cru. Almond, toffee, and oaky vanilla give way to notes of dark cherries and raisins. Subtle hints of plum are greeted by caramel overtones for a smooth, robust and warming finish.
WC Music: Damian Allen + Jay Turner
WC Food: River City Pizza
RVA Music: Bobby Baine + Justin Tarwick and the Common Good
RVA Food: Hardywood Pizza Kitchen open 12-9pm