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Brian’s Barrel Blend no. 13 Release

Brian’s Barrel Blend no. 13 (14.0% ABV) is a beautiful even blend of Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Wee Heavy & Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Barleywine.
Brian’s Barrel Blend no. 13 lends aromatics of ripe strawberry, oak, and toffee, followed by well balanced sweet sherry, caramel, and cherry flavors. This blend finishes on a warm note and lingers for just the appropriate duration. Brian’s Barrel Blend no. 13 pairs excellently with sharp asiago cheese wedges or fresh strawberries with homemade toffee drizzle.
The mastermind of the blend (Brian) suggests enjoying this food and beverage pairing with a viewing of the classic weird odd couple time travel adventure, Back to the Future.
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