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Cuvée Rosé Release

Cuvée Rosé will be making its debut on Saturday, July 24th!
Cuvée Rosé is a Belgian-style Farmhouse Ale aged for 15 weeks in sauvignon blanc barrels, before being blended and re-fermented on crushed grapes. The delicate floral notes and lemony esters from the Belgian ale yeast, along with hints of honeysuckle from the grapes, blend beautifully with a touch of oaky aromatics. This beer is light in body & fruit forward, yet delicate in character with a crisp, dry finish. Cuvée Rosé is a delightful marriage of wine and beer, perfect for any hot summer evening.
Available in 4pk 12oz stubby bottles.
RVA Food: Hardywood Pizza Kitchen 12:30pm – 8:30pm
RVA Music: Joshua Eadie + The Commonwealth
WC Food: 1115 Mobile Kitchen + Curry in a Hurry
WC Music: Bryan Forrest Band

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