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La Chamba, ZunZun & ScumLord

September 13, 2019 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

FREE AND ALL AGES! Com out to Hardywood from 4PM to 10PM Friday September 13th

La Chamba
La Chamba is driven by Electric Guitar, that fuses 60’s psychedelic inspired surf-pop from Peru, with Afro-Latin rhythms. With roots in East and South Central Los Angeles, “Chamba” literally means “work,” and is a word used throughout the barrios of Latin America to describe your hustle. Their sound pays homage to the melodies and grooves of Peruvian Chicha music popular among the working-classes of Lima and the Amazon.

ZunZun is Danny Reyes’ first solo project after My Darling Fury. Producing indie electro art pop in English and Spanish, he’s joined live by Evan Hoffman, Joel Hollister, Sam Friedman, and Andrew Hackett.

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