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New Lions/Large Margin (Tape Release)/Basmati/Grandma at Hardywood RVA

February 22, 2019 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Drafts are flowing from 4-10PM Friday, February 22 with the Road To Idaho Can Release happening and free live music at 6PM!


New Lions – Loud, gnarly, melodic, emo-inspired jams to bop your head to and slightly melancholy and dreamy to boot. new lions. Their first show of 2019 and first show since August last year!

Large Margin – A rare appearance from this hardcore outfit that calls RVA and Philly home these days. celebrating the tape release of their acclaimed self-titled debut from 2018.
“The moment you hit play on the self-titled release from Large Margin, you quickly realize that your prayers for the return of blistering post-hardcore have been answered. Anguish and frustration are channeled into a determination on tracks like “Executive’s Order” and “I’m In Sales.” As if the band were possessed by the times, their unrelenting drive is a fitting counterpoint to a world that leaves one cynical, worried for what the future holds. Hot Snakes and Fugazi are fitting comparisons, but rest assured, Large Margin pushes that sound in an inspired direction on this stunning debut.” – Whurk

Basmati – Mathy, lucid, indie, psych with a twist of fugazi thrown into the mix

Grandma – Grandma is your mom’s mom and your dad’s dad. Grandma is lush swirling loopy closet pop. Grandma is the solo project of Leslie Hong of Haybaby. Grandma is so proud of you.