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Trickery Pre-Order and Release

October 31, 2020 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Have you ever tried one of the top 10 imperial milk stouts ranked by Beer Advocate? Trickery is an imperial milk stout aged for an amazing 21 months (longest aging time we’ve ever done!!) in Laird’s Apple Brandy Barrels that offers and full mouthfeel and an incredibly smooth finish. Warm caramel, blackstrap molasses, and chocolate-covered cherries are in full force for your senses with this delectable treat. 13.5% ABV. You don’t want to miss this release, so

DISCLAIMER: Pre-order is available NOW for the Trickery release on Halloween, 10/31. Beer will not be available for pick-up or delivery until 10/31. Please disregard any emails with an order confirmation ready before 10/31.

Trickery 2018