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Villages at Hardywood RVA 04.07.23 – cancelled due to weather!

Cancelled due to weather!

Hardywood Pizza Kitchen open 2-9:30pm

Part Americana, part neo-’70s folk rock, the band draws inspiration from classic artists such as the Flying Burrito Brothers and Bob Dylan as well as more modern groups Wilco and Futurebirds.” – Style Weekly

“These songs are easy to love right away, and while catchiness plays a part, I think an even bigger factor is the clarity of Justin Paciocco’s songwriting. In his review of John Prine’s new album, The Tree of Forgiveness, Fresh Air critic Ken Tucker referred to the “metric precision” in Prine’s songwriting. I hear that same precision in Paciocco’s songs. The pacing, the rhyming, the way narratives unfold — it all just feels right. Impeccable, but not fussed-over.” – You Hear That ”

“Everything is Fine” is a catchy, folky track with a little twang” – RVA Magazine

VILLAGES is what happens when a lifelong piano player has a midlife musical crisis, teaches himself guitar, writes 70+ songs in a little over a year, and then gets his super talented friends to make them sound cool. “It’s kind of an experiment that has gotten out of hand,” says Justin Paciocco.

“At first, I was looking for a new hobby and wondered if I could teach myself guitar. I figured it’d be something I’d play around with for a few weeks and then lose interest and move on to something else. Fast forward a year, and it’s crazy to think I’m now fronting a new band, playing live shows, recording an album. This whole thing has been unexpected, but it’s been a blast too.”

The band — known as VILLAGES — includes a revolving collaboration of some of RVA’s most plugged-in musicians: Stephen Lecky (Farm Vegas), Zach Hudgins (Jackass Flats), Corey Wells (Shack Band), James Lloyd Hodges (Avers), Stephen Kuester, and Jacob Willi.