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GBS: The Complete Set


GBS Complete Sets are available for direct sale while our limited allocations last. The website will clearly state SOLD OUT when our inventory is sold out. Your purchase is not guaranteed until the full payment process is complete. See below for directions.

How to purchase your 2018 GBS Complete Set:
1. Click the green BUY NOW button. (This button will be added for the sale on Wed. 10/24 at 2:00 PM)
2. Enter the full name (First & Last ) of your proxy. Your proxy is the individual who will pick up your Complete Set. Enter SELF if you do not need a proxy.
3. Click the green ADD TO CART button.
4. Follow the directions to complete your purchase. If the site is a little slow, please be patient to let it load and please do not keep refreshing your page, only do that if you have encountered an error. There might be a lot of people trying to get beer at the same time!
5. You will receive an “order processing” email with your order # when your purchase is complete. You will receive an “Order Completed” email after you or your proxy has picked up your Complete Set on the dates listed below.

Please be sure to read the following information for details about the 2018 GBS Complete Set contents, cost, and pick-up dates.

2018 GBS Complete Sets will include:

(1) 500 mL The Original Gingerbread Stout
(1) 500 mL Christmas Morning
(1) 500 mL Christmas Pancakes
(1) 500 mL Caliente GBS
(1) 750 mL Bourbon Barrel GBS
(1) 750 mL Rye Barrel GBS
(1) 750 mL Apple Brandy Barrel GBS
(1) 750 mL Kentucky Christmas Morning
(1) 750 mL Double Barrel GBS (Bourbon & Brandy Barrel-aged)
(1) 750 mL Port Barrel GBS (New variant bottled for GBS Sets only)
(1) 750 mL Mega GBS (New variant bottled for GBS Sets only)
(1) Limited edition Lawrence Tumbler Gingerbread Stout glass

*Cost: $175.00 + tax (your purchase is non-refundable)
*Limit: 1 GBS Complete Set per person
*Pick-up Location: Hardywood West Creek. We are unable to accommodate pick-ups at any other taproom location.
*Pick-up Dates: Friday, 12/14 – Wednesday, 12/19 (excluding Monday, 12/17, as our taproom is closed on Monday) during regular taproom hours. Please make all necessary arrangements for you or a proxy to collect your GBS Complete Set on these pick-up dates. We unable to accommodate pick-ups prior to Friday, 12/14.
*You and/or your proxy must be 21+ years of age to purchase and/or pick up your GBS Complete Set. Valid ID will be required at pick up.